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About Tech Wizard Solutions

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Tech Wizard Solutions

568 Cross Creek Rd.

Lakeland, GA 31635

(877)MYTECHWiz (698-3249)

Tech Wizard Solutions was founded in 2011 by Bradley Jones a 28 year computer field veteran. It is Brad’s view that those in need of computer help are losing out to a company’s desire to get the “Almighty Dollar” instead of taking care of an individual person’s needs and wants. Sadly real computer diagnostics and customer service is quickly being replaced by quick fix solutions.

Tech Wizard Solutions follows the philosophies that:

  • No one should ever have to pay for a computer problem that doesn’t exist.
  • No one should ever pay for computer repairs that don’t work
  • Everyone should be treated like family not like dollar signs
  • Questions should always be answered for free
  • Repairs should not be what’s fastest and easiest but what is best for the computer owner