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Terms of Service

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Tech Wizard Solutions

Terms of Service


These terms (the "Terms") govern your use of Tech Wizard Solutions' Website, Consulting or any Services provided by Tech Wizard Solutions that is provided either by telephone or computer (the Site and the computer support services are collectively referred to as the "Services") provided by Tech Wizard Solutions., subsidiaries, affiliates and contractors ("PROVIDER", "Tech Wizard Solutions.," "we" or "us"). By accessing, ordering or using the Services via telephone or online via the Site, you ("You" or "Your") and other users of the Services (collectively, "CLIENT","Users") agree to these Terms. If You do not agree to these Terms, You may not access or use the Services.

**Terms of Use**

We provide You with access to and use of the Services subject to Your compliance with the Terms. Tech Wizard Solutions reserves the right to refuse to provide the Services to anyone at any time without notice for any reason. You represent and warrant to us that (a) You are at least 18 years old; (b) You have the right, capacity and authorization necessary to legally bind Yourself to the Terms; (c) You have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy on the Site, (d) You will comply with all treaties, laws, rules and regulations applicable to Your use of the Services, (e) any information You submit to Tech Wizard Solutions is correct and complete, and (f) any payment or credit card information You supply is correct.

**Issuance of Authorization to Access your Computer**

You acknowledge that by your use of the Services you are authorizing Tech Wizard Solutions to access and control your computer for the purposes of computer diagnosis, service and repair. In connection with delivering the services, Tech Wizard Solutions may download and use software, gather system data, take remote control of your computer and access or modify your computer settings as deemed necessary by a qualified computer specialist. By accepting these terms, you hereby grant Tech Wizard Solutions the right to connect to your computer, download and use software on your computer to gather system data, repair your computer, take remote control of your computer and change the settings on your computer while performing these services. Other than as set forth in the warranty section below, you agree that Tech Wizard Solutions has no responsibility or liability under any circumstance at any time for any loss or harm that may arise from or may be related to the services.

**Data Backup**

YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING AND BACKING UP ALL INFORMATION, DATA, TEXT OR OTHER MATERIALS (COLLECTIVELY "CUSTOMER DATA") AND SOFTWARE STORED ON YOUR COMPUTER AND STORAGE MEDIA BEFORE ORDERING THE SERVICES. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT TECH WIZARD SOLUTIONS OR ITS REFERRAL PARTNERS HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE AT ANY TIME FOR ANY LOSS OR CORRUPTION OF CUSTOMER DATA, SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE THAT MAY ARISE OUT OF THE SERVICES. TECH WIZARD SOLUTIONS DOES NOT PROVIDE BACKUP COPIES OR SUPPORT INSTALLATION OF UNLICENSED SOFTWARE TO CUSTOMERS. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A LICENSED COPY OF ALL NECESSARY SOFTWARE. Tech Wizard Solutions does not take any responsibility for any data that could be on any hard drives, memory drives, peripherals or any other device. Tech Wizard Solutions will attempt to back up or recover existing data, but cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, whether it be by accident or intended. If necessary, Tech Wizard Solutions may delete some or all files (data and software programs) in order to make the computer functional again.

Scope of Services

You may initiate the Services via email, telephone or other means made available by Tech Wizard Solutions. Tech Wizard Solutions will use reasonable efforts to answer and resolve your computer or network related issues for a fee as set forth in the Site or quoted by email or on the telephone. Upon receiving notification of request of services, Tech Wizard Solutions may provide certain portions of the Services via remote control session, online chat or e-mail. We may set forth limits to the technology we support. Certain Services may have minimum system requirements. Certain conditions may fall outside the recommended procedures scope of Tech Wizard Solutions causing the refusal to deliver certain procedures or services as decided on a case by case basis by Tech Wizard Solutions.

**Antivirus and Antimalware Protection**

Tech Wizard Solutions provides approved Internet protection. Internet protection methods are subject to change as services are reviewed. Additional malware protection is provided by industry standard third party programs and special Windows settings. Tech Wizard Solutions provides every possible protection from current and future virus, malware, or malicious program released to the wild. Tech Wizard Solutions assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or lost data due to virus, malware, or malicious software beyond the free remote cleaning as stated in the "Virus Free Guarantee".

**Unlimited Online Backup and Briefcase Drive Services**

Tech Wizard Solutions is an authorized reseller of the Livedrive backup and briefcase drive services. Other business services are available via this Livedrive Reseller agreement. All online backup and business services are restricted to the Livedrive [Terms of Use]( "Livedrive Terms of Use"). Tech Wizard Solutions assumes no liability or responsibility beyond the agreed user support via the methods made available by Tech Wizard Solutions.

**Virus Free Guarantee**

Tech Wizard Solutions provides a virus free guarantee to all clients who have paid for the virus and malware protection services including those customers of the PCHelper123 Membership service. This virus free guarantee is not a guarantee that a computer or system protected by our system will never get a virus, malware, or malicious program. This virus free guarantee is a promise by Tech Wizard Solutions that in the event a virus, malware, or malicious software does make it past the enhanced protection system that we provide that it will be removed and cleaned from your computer system remotely by a qualified computer specialist at no additional fee(s).

**PCHelper 123 Membership Services**

Tech Wizard Solutions provides computer care and support services to computer users through The computer care and support services provided by the PC Helper 123 Membership Program are:

  • Computer System Health Checks
  • Approved Internet Protection Methods
  • Remote Computer Support and Repair Using Approved Secure Remote System
  • Unlimited Online Backup Services through Livedrive
  • Third Party Software Updating