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Discussion on computer repair techniques including the practice of remote computer repair practices

The New PC Helper 123 Website Get Experienced Computer Help

When it started it was just an easy domain name so people could get the Agent Helper when they were in need of computer help. PC Helper 123 is now the primary website for Tech Wizard Solutions’ Home Computer Help services.

Having a computer can definitely be fun from Facebooking with family and friends, playing games, or just finding out the answer to any question you could possibly come up with. The Internet offers A Lot of cool stuff. Unfortunately where there is good there is always bound to be some type of bad and the Internet has more than its fair share for sure. Continue reading

Computer Repair Often Has More Horror Stories than Happy Endings

One of the things that has plagued the computer repair and support industry since way back when is that almost anyone can claim they are able to fix computers. Whether it is carrying your computer into a store or having someone look at it remotely you may not be getting what you bargained for.

A customer that came to me a while back after having lost everything and only getting it back to partially where they wanted it has all to glaringly reminded me about how things are when it comes to computer repair and support. Having went to a website of a company they paid to have problems they were experiencing taken care of remotely. Continue reading

What’s Happened Here and All Calls Matter But Don’t Always Pay

I received a call the other day from a lady who had a message popping up on her screen telling her that her computer had been sending out errors. This wasn’t the getting called from a person like we are all familiar with. It was the on screen pop up telling her that she needed to call Microsoft at this number.

The number of course isn’t Microsoft’s and it isn’t a reputable or honest company’s number. It is the number of one of those places that goes through and tricks you into thinking there are a massive number of things wrong with your computer and that you are being hacked. Of course they are more than happy to fix it for $269 or whatever price they have decided works best for them that day. Continue reading