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Outlook 2016 Sending but not Receiving Mail Help

Sometimes when it comes to computers there are certain things that can cost hours of time. To add insult to injury these things usually end up having the easiest fixes. Whether it is Windows itself or any other program Microsoft seems to be really talented at creating these types of experiences.

The perfect example of an easy fix that has cost 100’s of hours is found in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook 2016. Setting up a new account is a simple thing really. Click on “File” then select the “Account Settings” selection tell it you are setting up a new email account type in the address and password and Outlook does the rest in most cases. Once it goes through the process you figure you’re good to go. Continue reading

Limited and Monitored Internet and Windows 10 Even Before It’s Installed

Those who live in cities or towns that have regular Internet access probably won’t be worried about this article. There are a great number of people that live in America that are likely to not be so happy when they find themselves having to fork out extra money because of Windows 10 and the free update. Continue reading

How The Hell Did My Computer Get So Slow?

It’s inevitable, your computer is going to get slower as you use it. How in the hell does your computer get so slow? I wish there were an easy one answer fits all way of telling you but there really isn’t. The truth is that computers get slower for all sorts of different reasons.

Some of the reasons a computer gets slow is because something goes wrong with the hardware (the parts and components). Other times, and more likely the reason these days, is due to software that has been installed or malware and adware. Even programs that you have uninstalled have likely left behind bits and pieces of itself that are still being loaded or at least trying to load every time you turn on your computer. Continue reading